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About Me

Hello! My name is Keith Tweed, and I'm a university student studying Computing Science at the University of Alberta.

GitHub: github.com/keithtweed
Email: webcontact at system32 dot ca

My hobbies include coding, amateur radio, fountain pens, mechanical keyboards, gaming, coffee, and tea.

Since April 2023, I have been the Communications Director at The Northern Alberta Radio Club. I have an Advanced certification in amateur radio, and I mainly operate on VHF/UHF analog and DMR, but am hoping to get onto HF in the near future. I also experiment with data modes such as VARA, AX.25, and LoRa. Amateur radio allows me to learn more about electronic components and radio wave behaviour and propogation at a hobbyist level, and allows for contact with people around the world.

I joined AlbertaSat in February 2023, and became the communications team lead in September 2023. AlbertaSat is a group at the University of Alberta focused on designing and building satellites. I came into AlbertaSat through my interest in amateur radio, and so far much of my time here has been focused on our submission for the BIRDS-X project competition from Kyutech. Throughout this project, I've learned loads about project management, hardware development, prototyping, and the AX.25 packet radio standard.